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IXL Events Centre.

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Consultancy, Website and SEO for an Award-Winning Venue

A prestigious corporate and wedding venue set in the stunning 600 acre Dallas Burston Polo Club Estate. The IXL Events Centre is truly unique with its stylish facilities, incredible surroundings and is considered Warwickshire’s Premiere events destination.

From Weddings and Corporate Events to Christmas Parties, this venue pulls out all the stops to make sure every event is a memorable one.

It’s how they’ve won award after award and why they’re highly regarded in the Warwickshire region. The huge wealth of event experience across the team, is why every event is as exceptional as the next!


Website | SEO | Consultancy


IXL Events Centre



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Southam, Warwickshire

The Brief

Having known the CEO for 8+ years, I was approached to help support their marketing on three fronts:

To support and maintain their existing website and help update it with fresh new content when required. With the aim of delivering a brand-new website in a year or two’s time.


To bring my experience and consult on the Marketing, Sales and Event Delivery of their renown show-stopping annual Christmas Party events. Planning and organising successful events can be a daunting task, especially when aiming to deliver outstanding experiences at a luxury venue like the IXL Events Centre.

The aim was to create an atmosphere of elegance, indulgence, and festive cheer. From concept development to execution, it was vital to nail everything to create that memorable and enchanting experience and provide a one-of-a-kind experience for our guests.


In a highly competitive events industry, merely having a stunning venue and excellent services is no longer enough. With countless potential customers turning to search engines to find events and weddings spaces, it became clear to the team that they needed to establish a strong online presence to stand out from the crowd.

Investing in SEO would allow them to reach a much larger audience and increase their chances of being discovered by their ideal target clients.

The Result

It all started with a successful website migration and as a WordPress site I made sure all plugins etc were up-to-date and optimised properly. Once that was in place, I started making a few additions with new content including videos to show the most current events. Going forward, I’m continuing to assist with any updates the team require.

For the last 4 years I’ve had the joy of working alongside the IXL team to market, sell and deliver some incredible themed Christmas Party Nights.

These incredible events have become more popular each year with companies coming across the region just to enjoy one evening. When I came onboard we had around 3 nights sold out, now 3 years later we easily sell out 8 nights with an average of 500 guests each night. The parties are now one of the most in-demand  across the county.

From initial theme concepts and marketing plans to delivering and running the events themselves. Be sure to check out the below Promo Video and see who makes a cheeky appearance.

A key factor in the success of any SEO campaign is reaching individuals actively searching for event venues in their area. With the use of carefully chosen keywords, meta tag optimisations, and link building strategies, I was able to drive targeted traffic to their website. This targeted traffic consists of individuals who are more likely to be interested in a luxury venue and are a more ideal client. It was quickly discovered that these potential clients then began to recognise them as a reputable, luxury and trustworthy venue in the events industry.

The decision to invest in SEO has proven to be a wise move. By increasing their online visibility, driving targeted traffic, and building authority and trust, they have experienced increased exposure, increased enquiries and sustainable growth.



“We’ve had the pleasure of working with Alex for a number of years and he’s extremely diligent when it comes to anything website related. As a luxury events venue our website has to reflect the incredible work we deliver as well as being bang on trend with the latest design developments. Alex has delivered time and time again on this, and we couldn’t be more delighted!”

Atul Lakhani


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