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Riding The World of Boring Flooring

Website & SEO Strategy for a London Commercial Flooring Specialist

Having worked with 1000s of clients, big and small, from Madam Tussauds to regular schools and offices, Selby’s dedicated team can offer support throughout the entire flooring process.

It’s this dedication to providing a quality service for every client which has positioned them as one of London’s leading commercial flooring and carpet installation companies.

Selby rids the world of boring flooring, bringing employee-motivating and revenue-generating flooring to clients.


Website | SEO


Selby Contract Flooring



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The Brief


Selby Contract Flooring, a prominent player in the commercial flooring industry, recognised the need to strengthen their online presence to attract more of their ideal clients. This combined with an unfruitful previous agency relationship left the team wanting a closer and more prosperous relationship with a supplier who was a specialist, easily contactable, invested in their success and could deliver a high-end job.

Their initial wish was to migrate and audit their website and start making incremental improvements to key landing pages so they were not only aesthetically pleasing but also optimised for smooth navigation and a slick user experience.


Selby Contract Flooring understood that simply having a website was not enough to attract relevant traffic or boost online visibility. They needed a comprehensive SEO strategy that would enable them to rank higher in search engine results and attract potential customers actively searching for flooring solutions.

The objective was to create high-quality, informative content that positioned them as experts in the flooring industry, and start to differentiate Selby Contract Flooring from their sub-standard competitors.

The Result


Recognising the significance of a high-performing website, Selby Contract Flooring wanted to ensure that their online presence aligns with the expectations of their customers. To do this, various improvements were made to optimise its performance and usability. 

This included, streamlined navigation, optimised page load speed and enhanced content and visuals which combined massively improved the overall visitor experience.

The result is a website that now has greater user engagement, higher conversions rates, enhanced search engine visibility and the most important of all… increased business growth.

Selby Contract Flooring’s migration along with comprehensive website improvements, has been a game-changer for their business. By prioritising performance and delivering an exceptional user experience, they’re now positioned as a trusted authority in the flooring industry.


Selby Contract Flooring recognised the importance of a clear and comprehensive SEO strategy and by doing so experienced a range of tangible results, including:

  1. Significantly Increased Website Traffic: Through targeted keyword optimisation and improved search engine rankings, Selby Contract Flooring witnessed a substantial increase in website traffic. This influx of visitors translated into a larger customer base and higher revenue per lead
  2. Greater Conversion Rates: The highly targeted traffic generated by SEO services resulted in a higher conversion rates, By reaching customers who were actively seeking their flooring services, the chances of securing a sale were significantly enhanced.
  3. Improved Brand Recognition: With their enhanced online visibility, Selby Contract Flooring became a recognised and trusted name in the flooring industry. As more customers found their website through search engines, their brand authority and reputation continued to grow.
  4. Expanded Geographical Reach: SEO services played a pivotal role in helping Selby Contract Flooring expand their business beyond their local area. By targeting specific keywords related to neighbouring regions, they were able to attract customers from a wider geographic area, ultimately increasing their market share.

 If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, it’s clear that harnessing the power of SEO services is an essential step.



“Marketing by Mez provided a very professional and friendly service. Overall, Alex offered a great amount of guidance during the whole redesign process of the Selby website including both the layout and functionality. He was able to transform our ideas and turn them into reality. His quality of work exceeded our expectations, we are delighted with the results”.

Francesca RC

Head of Marketing

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